RMA Partners

As a premier organization in the field of Robotics & AI, the Robotics & Maker Academy (RMA) is proud to showcase our RMA Partners. 

RMA Partners are organizations and teams that are visionaries and game changers whose discoveries and development of new technologies will further contribute to advancements in STEAM. 

Robo Erectus

Southeast Asia's First Humanoid Robot with a Quarter Century of R&D behind it
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The CoSpace Education Robot platform is the official platform of the RMA. The RMA uses the CoSpace platform to engage students and teach them about robotics, coding and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects.

RoboCup (Singapore) Association

The RoboCup Singapore National Committee was formed in 2005. It aims to promote the RoboCup initiative in Singapore through organizing local events and putting in contact groups of research in Singapore that share the interest in RoboCup.
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