RMA Offered Robotics Training Workshop for Singapore Maritime officers’ Union (SMOU)

25 August 2018

RMA developed a customized robotics training course for SMOU staff. The 1st training workshop was conducted at RMA on 25 August 2018. 20 SMOU staff signed up for this course.

CoSpaceRobot is used during the training class, which allows the simulation of robot in virtual reality and easy programming of the actual robot. Since 2010, CoSpaceRobot has been widely used for educational purposes both locally and abroad. It is the first time we introduced CoSpaceRobot to working adults. RMA's Director Dr Zhou Changjiu remarked that, "We shouldn’t let working adults start from scratch and do hard coding. We need to give them all the tools and building blocks. Many people have the misunderstanding that robotics is complicated and time-intensive. By providing an intuitive, customisable platform, we can change their mindset.”

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